Photo Gallery  

The following photo gallery has references of completed projects with our products.   

Waterproof Sheet Membranes

Sureweld Thermoplastic (TPO) reinforced membrane
Heat welded
No chloride emmisions, does not contain PVCs
Easy to install
No shrinkage
UV stable, tough & durable
Bituminous Sheet Membranes
Bitumen APP modified torch-on membranes
Bitumat Polyflame 3mm Antiroot Garden 1: for planters and landscaped areas
Bitumat Torchseal 3mm: for intermediate use
Bitumat Torchseal 4mm Granule: for exposed use
Bitumat Glassflame 2mm: base layer
Bitumen self-stick membranes
Bitumat Bituseal 1200 (1.8mm)
Oxidised bitumen systems
Bitumat Polybond 3mm
Bitumat Roof-Seal: Oxidised Bitumen Kegs 85/25
Bitumen SBS modified torch-on membranes
ASSA Poliasfal 45-GFP 4.5kg mineral: for exposed use
ASSA Poliasfal 50-FP 4mm 180g: for intermediat use
ASSA Poliasfal 30-FV 2.5mm fibreglass: base layer